flash for empathy

In the 1x1m large formats no more seeing heads are indicated. The contour of wired, permanently connected heads can be seen. The three bars are a kind of blindfold that obstructs the view.

Here I depict my subjective impressions of the changing coexistence figuratively. I was particularly interested in the lack of empathy and the inability to listen. The growing interconnectedness of everything and everyone at any time and the resulting unavoidable transparency lead to an increasing, emotional and social isolation. An enriching exchange takes place only superficially.

There seems to be a belief that a special moment, a special setting, an event, an experience becomes permanent property when it is filmed or photographed. This seems more important than enjoying the fleeting, irretrievable moment together with the other person.

The works of the series "flash for empathy" offer the viewer a wide range of interpretation in terms of their individual use of media and their position in society, raise questions and make people think. It should trigger a positive perception among the observers and leave a good feeling. The intention behind the works is an appeal, a call to take a closer look, to look up, to be attuned to one's counterpart, to see one's counterpart again, to listen and to enter into dialogue with each other, to make time for one's counterparts to take.

The powerful, cheerful color combinations of the works symbolize the great joy over the possible, constantly growing intercultural exchange even over long distances. Thanks to these expressive color combinations, the works end up as something positive in the memory, not as a raised finger. Viewers can engage in dialogue with themselves, questioning their own behavior in the fast-paced, rush-driven time that surrounds us.

Each of my works will be finished in a shadow gap frame made of steel. This gives my work sustainability, robustness and perfection. The handmade steel frame highlights the expressive colors and completes the work with the shadow gap. It is complete.