flash for empathy

"flash for empathy 20, 8, 16 & 13" - 210 x 210 x 3cm, shadow gap steel frame

Heads are indicated on the large formats. The three bars are intended to encourage introspection and reflection.


"flash for empathy" is a reminder that everything you need to implement your vision and become successful is already within you.


"flash for empathy" inspires you to trust your vision and tirelessly pursue your inner drive. The works are intended to encourage you to discover your intention and follow your intuition with confidence.


"flash for empathy" is for visionary, conscious people like you! A daily reminder to believe in yourself and stick to your vision.


Each picture is framed in a steel shadow gap frame. This gives the work sustainability, robustness and perfection. The framing can be made in all metals (including polished), precious metals or alloys.


It's complete.