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NordArt 2021


flash for empathy

"Blind 34" - 212 x 212 x 3cm

Heads that can no longer be seen are indicated on the large formats. Some of these seem to be wired or connected to something. The three bars represent a kind of blindfold that blocks the view.

In this series the artist translates her subjective impressions of the changing togetherness into images. In her works she deals with a lack of empathy that she suggests and a widespread inability to listen. The increasing networking of everything and everyone at all times and the associated transparency without alternatives also seem to lead to increasing emotional and social isolation. An enriching exchange only takes place superficially.

There seems to be a belief that a special moment, a special setting, an event, an experience becomes an everlasting property when it is filmed or photographed. This seems more important than enjoying the fleeting, irretrievable moment together.

The works in the "flash for empathy" series offer viewers a great deal of scope for interpretation with regard to their individual media use and their position in society, raise questions and stimulate thought.

The visualized observations may appear gloomy at first glance, but the message behind the works is exclusively positive. An impulse should be triggered in the viewer, which stimulates self-reflection and thought. The pictures should inspire the viewer to deal with themselves again, to rediscover their own intention, to trust themselves again.

Furthermore, the works are an appeal, a reminder, to take a closer look, to raise your eyes, to adjust to your counterpart, to listen and to enter into a dialogue.

In order to present the message visually, powerful color combinations are always used. Here the individuality and perfection of each person should be represented. Every person is unique, so every work in this series is absolutely unique.

Finally, each picture is framed in a steel floater frame. This gives the work sustainability, robustness and perfection.

 It's complete.