flash for empathy

"flash for empathy 8" - 210 x 210 x 3cm, shadow gap steel frame

The "flash for empathy" is a series of large-format works. Each work suggests a portrait but with three bars blocking a view like a blindfold.

The series provides a wide margin of interpretation in terms of one's media use and position in society. It raises questions and invites reflection.

The artist brings to canvas her subjective impressions of our rapidly changing coexistence. She explores the characteristics that determine our personal and social identity such as sustainability, joy, empathy, reflection, enthusiasm, inner peace and happiness.

The intense and radiant colour combinations speak of the artist's heart-warming faith that every individual is different and perfect in their special way. Every work in the series is unique like a person.

Her intention is to inspire the viewers to reflect upon themselves, to rediscover their true purpose and trust themselves more.

Her work is also a call to take another look, to raise the gaze, tune in to a person in front of you and establish a meaningful dialogue.

To extend this positive message of confidence and sustainability, each work is encased in a sturdy shadow gap steel frame.

It's complete.