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NordArt 2021


flash for empathy

"18" - 210 x 210 x 3cm

In large formats, heads that no longer see are hinted at. The three bars represent a kind of blindfold that prevents you from seeing.


In this series, the artist brings to canvas her subjective impressions of a changing coexistence. In her works she deals with the themes of sustainability, joy, empathy, reflection, enthusiasm, inner peace and happiness.


The works in the series "flash for empathy" offer the viewer a wide margin of interpretation in terms of his individual use of the media and his position in society, they raise questions and invite reflection.


The intention is to unleash an impulse in viewers that encourages self-reflection and reflection. The images are intended to inspire viewers to delve back into themselves, rediscover their own intentions, and trust themselves more.


Likewise, the intention behind the works is a call, a call to look more closely again, raise the gaze, tune in to the person in front, listen to him and establish a dialogue with him.


The artist always uses intense color combinations to visually represent the message. Here she wants to represent the individuality and perfection of each person. Each person is unique, so each work in this series is also absolutely unique.


Upon completion, each of the works is framed in a shadow gap frame made of steel. This endows the works with sustainability, robustness and culminates them.


It's complete.