"Landscape impressions, especially in the northern regions, form the starting point for the series "Shimmering Öckerö" and "Überseestadt" by the painter Andrea M. Weiss. Harbors, beaches, rocks - an impressionistic sense of atmospheric lighting is combined with a subjective experience of the place. However, the balanced and bright color and surface compositions only reveal their origin in the viewed landscape at second glance. Usually it is the very sparse rest configurations - a ridge of the roof, a jetty or groynes at the harbor - that trigger legible pivot points in a chain reaction of a landscape interpretation of the semi-geometric putty areas. Color and form, linear structures or scattered fragments of letters evoke in a fascinating way a landscape and local conception that always remains in limbo and vagueness. The artist is always able to cast space, area and perspective into an equally indissoluble as ambiguous, but fixed pictorial composition."


Christof Belmann-Weinrich, M.A.

Curator of the gallery "Galerie im Drübbelken"

The focus of my artistic work is in abstract painting. I use intense and expressive acrylic colors and prefer large formats.


The use of different painting tools such as spatula, trowel, brush and other utensils creates structures that give substance and depth to every image.

This is also done by the multiple application of layers of paint, which are partially removed again, scraped off and painted over again.

This results in new interesting color compositions and layers of color that often only partially shimmer through and give the viewer plenty of room for interpretation.


Each painting is framed with a steel frame with shadow gap and allows for individual hanging on all four sides.